May 21, 2018

Rheannon Burgoyne

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Rheannon Burgoyne

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“The importance of continued education is necessary not only in sales techniques but in lending practices as well. It is important for licensees to be aware that not every home buyer or investment buyer will have a large amount of funding to put toward the purchase of a property. In Alaska, there are a number of non-profit groups and government-sponsored entities that make home ownership a priority. As licensees it should be part of our job to understand the entire process and the different avenues that make investing in a property a possibility for anyone.”

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Property Manager | Charlene Moss Realty Inc. | Wasilla, AK | | Age: 26 | 2012 Team Sales Volume: $6 million (Rents collected) | 2012 Team Sides: 530 (Properties managed)

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