May 20, 2018

5 Mistakes Rookie Agents Make

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5 Mistakes Rookie Agents Make

A misstep during the first meeting between a client and an agent can ruin a sales relationship. Agents should be working to gain a clients trust, but some communication blunders can halt that buildup and cause buyers and sellers to seek help elsewhere. “Often, its inadvertent comments that put customers off just enough for them to choose your competitor,” says Jeff Mowatt, author and customer service expert.

Mowatt recently shared his top sales slip-ups and how agents can avoid them.

1. Insulting clients’ intelligence. Agents should educate their clients without “being a know-it-all,” making assumptions, or speaking down to them. “You need to enter a buying conversation presupposing that this customer is an intelligent, well-intentioned grown-up,” Mowatt says.

2. Not enough listening. The best thing an agent can do to demonstrate their expertise is to fully understand clients’ needs and motivations to buy or sell. This can only be accomplished through careful listening and asking questions, Mowatt says. “Verify your understanding [of their situation] with statements like, ‘Sounds like you ...,’ he adds.

3. Not addressing clients’ objections. When an agent doesn’t address a client’s concern, it displays insensitivity and lack of attention to detail. “The key is we shouldnt pretend we didnt hear or value their initial objections,” Mowatt says.

4. Ignoring a stakeholder. Never assume there is one key decisionmaker when it comes to your clients—especially when working with couples. “The lesson is no one should feel like theyre being ignored,” Mowatt says.

5. Bashing the competition. Criticizing or insulting a competitor can bring skepticism into the sales relationship between the agent and client. It’s better to simply demonstrate market expertise through preparation, knowledge, patience, and listening.