June 24, 2017

Sales & Marketing: Success Stories Articles

  • Fri, 05/05/2017

    Dania Perry, Century 21’s top agent in the world, researches properties and uncovers the information that best motivates her clients to buy and sell.

  • Wed, 08/10/2016

    Money isn’t the sole motivator for many sellers. That’s why, when Rochelle Maize submits her buyers’ offers, she makes sure to add a personal touch.

  • Wed, 07/06/2016

    How former tennis champion Federico Rolon drew inspiration from his sports career to launch a new endeavor in high-end home sales.

  • Fri, 07/12/2013

    Ten years ago this month, Mary Wallace became a real estate professional. Her first six months were brutal. But she stuck with it, which she says was the best financial decision of her life.

  • Wed, 12/19/2012

    Boulder, Co.–based RE/MAX agent and author Mario Jannatpour has developed a low-cost training system for real estate newbies based on his first rule of thumb for success: honesty.

  • Mon, 10/01/2012

    With a passion for working with underwater home owners, Marge Peck has developed an ironclad, paperless transaction system that's helped her reach a 90-95 percent short sale success rate.

  • Mon, 07/30/2012

    Learn how Yvonne Arias' PR background and passion for real estate got her where she is today, representing her home town in the HGTV show "Selling L.A."

  • Sat, 10/01/2011

    For years, Laura Harris-Hodges has dedicated herself to a sport that doesn’t allow for shortcuts in order to produce faster race times. Over the past two decades, she has committed the same devotion to her real estate practice.

  • Tue, 03/01/2011

    While many practitioners seek success on a wider plain, Ed Savard is happy cultivating his own fertile territory.

  • Sat, 01/01/2011

    Anastasia Stephanopoulos promised her clients she'd complete a challenging sale. When finances went south, she stayed the course.